We love Housesitting & looking after your Animals!

Ever since we looked after a house in Spain with 17 chickens, 2 dogs and 4 cats, we are in love with Housesitting. All 4 of us are real animal-lovers. We have a cat and a few chickens back in Holland. Ever since the kids were little, they have liked everything that has to do with animals. Unfortunately, we could not have a lot of them in our house and small garden. Now that we are (almost) traveling, it’s even more complicated to take animals with us, so we made it as one of ours travel-goals to take care of a lot of animals! We are all cuddle-ready!

But it is not only about animals of course. We really enjoy taking good care of someone else’s property; House, Garden, Crops, or even run your B&B for a while. We have experience ourselves in renting out a house and taking care of guests and Alex’ has an agricultural background. We’re up for all kind of chores. Please let us know!

We teach our kids that respect for someone else’s property as well as for nature & animals is very important! We would love to see the world while helping you. Taking care of your house, so you can have a great and relaxed time making nice memories.

And we will make some new ones for sure as well!


“Alex and Inge were great house sitters when they looked after my house and farm in Spain for a month. There was quite a lot to keep an eye on, dogs, cats and chickens to be fed and cared for as well as a vegetable garden. Everything was great on our return, the house was clean and tidy as well as the outdoor areas. We are very happy to recommend them for any future jobs.” Spain July 2016

Where are we now?

At the moment we are in the South of France! Soon we will go to Spain and after that we’ll go to Portugal!

Please let us know if you are on the lookout for some good Housesitters, or have any questions for us!