Hi! Let’s introduce the Happy Family Members of our Expedition!

Alex ♥ wine, travel, to be amazed by natural wonders of our planet, as well as the array of cultures it houses, cycling, walking in nature, The beach & sea, Bruce Springsteen, Daft Punk, Making fires & eating good food. Alex is a pre-sales specialist at a business software company.

Inge ♥ travel, animals, dancing, to be outside all day, eat tasty and healthy food, cook & bake, learn new stuff, coffee with whipped cream, Tinto Verano, Champagne & watching Scandinavian series. Inge is a pre-school teacher, psychologist, masseur and she runs her own massage practice for (pregnant) woman and baby’s/kids in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Loek & Teuntje; our happy 3 years old twins  Loek ♥ cuddling, playing with cars and eating! Teuntje ♥ be outside without shoes, reading books and helping. Together, they like to go on a adventure, with mum and dad present it’s even more fun!

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We are Digital Nomads….What does that mean?

The internet is gotten really big so now you can work location independent. You could even try working from a beach with your laptop…although the image of working with you toes (and computer!) in the sand might be a bit to heavenly. But still you can travel and see the world while making a living. So that’s what we are going to do, Hunting for Experiences & Gathering Memories, like real Nomads!

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