Expedition Family Happiness


We are a Dutch Family Traveling Full Time in a RV

Hunting for Experiences & Gathering Memories


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We are on an Expedition with our Twins

Discovering everything there is to know about RV Traveling Life (with kids!)

Starting out as Digital Nomads to make a living

Finding out what makes Our (&Your?) Family Happy

Destination: The World 😉 But we start with Europe! Currently @Portugal

The Goal of our Expedition

(Expedition: “A journey, an excursion or voyage made by a group of people for a specific purpose”)

Travel & See the World – Be Together with our KidsInspire you! – Learn New Stuff – Worldschool our Twins – Cuddle a Lot of Animals – Live Slower – Be nice to Mother Earth – Work/Volunteer with our Hands – Have Less Stuff – Be Outside a Lot! – Eat new Things – Meet Nice People – Wear FlipFlops all the time – Laugh & Have Fun!

Be Happy! 🙂

The Expedition

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Our Family

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Holiday Home & Campervan

Do you want to make great Family Memories in a very Childfriendly Holiday Home in Andalusia? Or take in trip in Southern Spain in a Cute Campervan! We make sure you’ll have a great Family Break in Sunny Spain that you will never forget!

Child Massage

Do you want to improve the bonding with your baby or child? Give your kid and yourself a great present by following an online course Child Massage! And create a lovely new bedtime ritual!


Do you need somebody to look after your House, Garden, Crops, B&B, Farm, Animals? We would love to take good care of your precious assets, so you can enjoy a break!


Join us on our Expedition!

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