Traveling for 3 months now! Making Happy Memories!

We made a little movie for our kids, to help them remember all beautiful experiences we had in the last 3 months!

It’s so amazing what you can do and see in such a short time! And much better: how you get to know each other when you travel.

Of course, we aren’t always running around smiling and we work late every night, but that’s just life right? And it makes the good memoires even more precious!

We are;

So happy we went on our Expedition!

So grateful for everything we’ve experienced so far!

So curious what memories we will make next….

…as ‘Hunting for Experiences and Gathering Memories’ is a goal of our Expedition!

We will just go with the flow and see what happens, can’t wait!

The kids loved our little movie, hope you do too 🙂

And thanks for following and traveling with us! We really enjoy your company!


Lot’s of love, Be Happy