Great that you are joining us on our Expedition!

With our stories we try to give you a look into a our lives. Traveling through Europe (maybe some day the world?) in a campervan with our twins. Trying to find a better work-live balance and giving our kids some great experiences & memories along the way!

And please forgive us for our English! We Dutchies are not native English speakers 😉

We can’t help it, we take lots of pictures!

We like writing stories (down below) but we also like taking pictures!

All kinds of pictures…Daily Vanlife, Our kids 😉 Culture, Nature…we love it all.

Video #3 Portugal & Spain

Oh it's been a while since we made a video...the evenings are just to short! But now we made a promise to ourselves to make them more often! Our kids saw this one 18 times already and still like it. Hope you enjoy watching it too! We loved...

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#20 Housesitting at Christmas time!

Some reflections popping up… When you’re living in a campervan it’s great to have a temporary break and be at one place for a while. Thats why we love to housesit! We get to Cuddle animals, spread out our stuff, tidy and clean our home on wheels, just great! Our pace...

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Video #2 Still going strong!

Wauw, time flies! Can't believe how many amazing memories we made. We have been through a few lows and lots of highs! We've only captured the highs for you 😉 In this video you'll see us in France (Housesitting!), Spain and a little bit...

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Video #1 Making Happy Memories! Traveling for 3 months now! Making Happy Memories! We made a little movie for our kids, to help them remember all beautiful experiences we had in the last 3 months! It’s so amazing what you can do...

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#15 Andorra!

Andorra! (English version will follow soon!) Na ons bezoek aan Valle de Nuria in de Spaanse Pyreneeën, (wat echt geweldig was, zie onze foto’s), hadden we nog wat meer tijd over voordat we naar onze housesit gaan in de Franse Pyreneeën....

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#14 Workaway with Kids

Workaway with Kids (Nederlandse Versie; Zie Hieronder) 3 weeks ago .... We drove away from our friends who live in Masnou, near Barcelona, thinking ‘…and now we hit the road towards Portugal!’. Oh boy, we were wrong 😉 A colleague of...

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#7 Jacky is er klaar voor! En wij ook!

Jacky is er klaar voor……. en wij ook! De afgelopen 8 weken hebben we ons voorbereid op de “Expeditie”. Nadat we terug kwamen uit Spanje (waar we hard werkten aan de nieuwe badkamer van Finca Fijn!) gingen we onze bus ophalen in Nederland...

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#6 Vijf weken klussen in Finca Fijn!

Even een kort door de bocht samenvatting van de afgelopen 5 weken: We kwamen na een regenachtige roadtrip door Frankrijk en Spanje aan in de Finca. We trokken onze kluskleren aan en deden ze 5 weken lang niet meer uit 😉 Hihi, nu het iets...

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