Finca Fijn! is a Childfriendly Holiday House…

For one or more family’s…or one big family including Grandma & Grandma!

In a special place in nature, close to Malaga/Beach/Airport for a wonderful holiday in the ♥  of sunny Andalusia

Where you can fit easily with a few friends (and the kids!) for a unforgettable holiday

In a luxuriously decorated authentic Spanish Finca (Old Farm) where you can unwind and relax

On a beautiful spot where you will find everything you need for baby’s and kids, so you can really enjoy a well deserved break!

The making of our Holiday Home in Andalusia….

If you have been checking out our website…’s obvious that we love to travel and that we have been very lucky and seen many beautiful places in the world!

 When we became parents of our twins we noticed that there aren’t many Holidayhouses that are beautiful and special to be in ánd at the same time be childproof and fun for kids. While to unwind as a family a house like that is just what you need! A place where come together as a family, recharge, make great memories, have a fantastic holiday & of course BE HAPPY!

So we decided to make such a place ourselves. Great for us to be in & Great for you and your family! We called it Finca Fijn! A Finca is a Spanish farm and Fijn in Dutch means something like GREAT, NICE, FANTASTIC. The word FIJN doesn’t translate well, but anyway: ENJOY!

Looking forward to a relaxed holiday in Finca Fijn!?

On our website you can book your Spanish Family Getaway!